I’m here to tell you the stories of my everyday experiences with clients, artists and manufacturers. The things that happen as we collaborate to create memorable promotional products.  When I’m in front of clients I often blurt out something that seems obvious to me and I regularly get the response “I never thought of that”. I will write about those stories here.  My experiences (and mistakes) will help you learn the nitty gritty of how to develop products you’ll be proud of and enjoy.

Ordering real tangible products with your branding will have a very high profile impact within your company. You make your choice, you wait, and sometime later the boxes show up at your office. You rip them open (with fingers crossed), everyone is looking to see what’s inside and you want the reaction to be “WOW, good job”.  I know it’s scary but it will be worth it because promotional products work (when done right). So you can think of these stories as talking to a good friend who has all the scoop.



Pauline Morton is the President of Production Zone. She writes about her everyday experiences working with clients, artists and manufacturers to make great promotional products. She can be reached at pmorton@productionzone.com